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Toyota repair near Newport Rhode Island

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Toyota repair near Newport Rhode Island - 2019 Toyota 4Runner

Toyota repair serving Newport Rhode Island

When your Toyota needs service or repair, you should turn to our dealership serving Newport Rhode Island. There’s nothing better than our combination of highly trained mechanics using brand-approved tools and OEM parts in our state-of-the-art repair facility. Let’s take a look at how we can help you. You never know when you’ll need repairs, but you can count on our Toyota repair dealership when you do. We are the place whether the problem is your engine, brakes, steering, suspension, traction controls, HVAC or water pump. We handle everything from 4Runner 4×4 transfer cases to Corolla stickshift transmissions.

Toyota dealer serving Newport Rhode Island - 2019 Toyota Rav4

Automotive Service near Newport

When it comes to Toyotas, you can be sure that our service techs have had advanced training on every model. They have had extensive hands-on experience, too. They know the brand inside and out. This is a big benefit when your car, truck or SUV needs Toyota repair near Newport. Since Toyotas are highly engineered products, repairs must be done according to the original engineer design. To make this happen, our Toyota repair shop has been equipped with brand-approved high-tech tools and diagnostic equipment. To bring the vehicle up to factory standards, we make sure those tools are in the hands of the most experienced brand-trained mechanic.

Toyota dealer serving Newport Rhode Island - 2019 Toyota Tundra

Toyota service specials

In addition to the right tools, the mechanics need brand-approved parts and replacement fluids. Since Toyota vehicles start out with Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, it’s only logical that replacement parts are manufactured by the same companies. This means using OEM parts for major repairs and making them available for every possible type of repair. OEM parts are made to exacting specifications. They must be just as heat-resistant as the ones they are replacing. They must have the same chemical or metal composition, or they may fail at their jobs. They must be cut to the same exact size as the part they are replacing, or they may fail prematurely. The right parts ensure that a repair lasts longer. Where Toyotas are concerned, customers get more for their money when OEM parts are used.

Toyota dealer serving Newport Rhode Island - 2019 Toyota Camry

Toyota service near Newport

There are many aspects to regular maintenance, and our dealership does them all. Serving Newport Rhode Island drivers, our service department offers oil changes, tire rotations, tire replacement, brake pad replacement, wheel alignments, major fluid replacements, and tune-ups. If you choose a fast lube place, a discount tire shop, or a brakes-only repair shop, you cannot expect the same level of service. Our highly trained mechanics take service seriously. They want to help your vehicle stay on the road longer. They will not only perform the requested service, but they can check for festering problems. You can’t expect that unless you use a full-service repair shop. Toyotas have maintenance plans that are designed to extend the life of the vehicle. Whether you drive a big Tundra, a graceful Camry, or a compact Yaris, you need to follow your maintenance plan. There’s no reason to stress because regular maintenance by our service department will keep your vehicle in good condition.

Toyota dealer serving Newport Rhode Island - 2019 Toyota Highlander

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For better service and repair, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our service department. You can count on our brand-trained mechanics to maintain the quality and integrity of your ride.

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